Clifton Nurseries – Connecting the London dots

My series of small blog post about my favourite hidden places in London. 

The other day I had a work meeting near Paddington station and as I don’t normally tend to spend a lot of time around this area, I’ve done some Instagram research and found someone mentioning Clifton Nurseries, which are a short walk away from there.

Hiding somewhere behind the Paddington station and close to Warwick Avenue station – The Clifton nurseries are little oasis (I know how cliche this sounds, but there is no other way to put it, trust me) amongst beautiful white suburban houses. The history of the nurseries goes as far as 1851 and over the years it somehow became a bit of an institution. They offer a huge variety of outdoor and indoor plants, all sorts of gardening accessories and beautiful homewear stuff.

I definitely have a huge soft spot for plants (hence the blog name) so I ended up walking away with two beautiful plants and a candle.

There is also a lovely cafe where you can get all sorts of treats or an actual meal. I didn’t eat this time, as I just had a lunch but definitely planning to go back to enjoy a cup of something in their stunning conservatory.

It is a perfect spot if you need to hide from London for a bit or just fancy a treat.

*this is a part of series of blog posts about my favourite places in London –Connecting the Dots. Check out other post about Kew Gardens

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